Brand Name & Logo Design

Your brand name and logo design tell your story to the world! You have vision, motivation, great service and products, and a market that is craving what you do. A strong brand will tell your customers exactly who you are, and instantly make them want to know more about your business.

Your brand and logo are your first introduction to everyone. Branding and logo design should be a carefully crafted visual and auditory experience that draws your customers into your story. Your brand name and logo should also give you pride when you wake up because it represents the backbone of the work you put in each day.

At Inkfire Studios, we specialize in the craft of designing a strong, professional brand that tells your story to your customers immediately.

We are so passionate about branding, Inkfire Studios created our own brand for everyone burning with the fire to create. We honor and reward creativity and expression. All IFS Fire products contribute toward organizations that support the national independent artist community.